We need to talk headology…..

Such tragic news when a beautiful, talented woman takes her own life – driven to it by media pressure, and by all accounts a stressful and distressing time in her personal life.

And we make all the right noises about how we should talk more, let people know when we are not OK and when we are struggling. 

But the reality is, it is hard, it is hard to open up and tell someone that you are not coping, things aren’t great, and you are sad, lonely, stressed, anxious and full of doubt and self-loathing.

But you should, if you do one thing – do this, it may save your life.  It’s Ok to not be Ok.

Light, love and blessings xxx

Books, learning and joy!

Hearst Castle Gothic Study – USA

How much would I love to curl up on one of those sofa’s and read, for days – the bliss!!!

JOY, PEACE & Knowledge – I mean, this is what books bring me – everyday.

I have been a bit poorly and had an Op on my jaw, so was confined to rest, little talking, soups and yoghurts (trust me it gets DULL very fast…) and two weeks off work (that was a good part).

So, was able to spend time doing one of my favourite things (other than watching trashy Sci-Fi films), I got hours of peaceful reading in.  I read though some books on herbology, getting together plans for my next creations, mucky-mixtures and experiments!  I also got to re-read Green Heart by Alice Hoffman, which along with Practical Magic as beautiful books – in fact, just read her books they are a delight start to finish.

I also did some ‘learning’, as well as the books listed below I am doing an online Diploma in Master Herbology, I am also starting to draw and list the properties if herbs, plants, trees etc…so I can use it as a reference when I am out and about – you never know what you will find during a gentle country walk, as though there are some excellent suppliers out there (I use Baldwins, they are very very good) nothing beats collecting your own.  I am a bit cheeky, I dry them as work – as we have big old cast iron radiators, and popping a bunch under one of them is perfect for a slow dry.  I then store them in coloured jars (to protect them for the sun and fading) or good old Tupperware, they bring me joy just looking at them, apart from Mugwort, which is really really useful – but a bit wiffy, and urmmmm interesting when burnt!

So, get reading – lose yourself in a book, it’s a unique magic.

Recent Book list:

The Handmade Apothecary: Healing herbal remedies: Kim Walker & Vicky Chown

The Hedgerow Apothecary: Recipes, Remedies and Rituals: Christine Iverson

Tonics & Teas: Rachel De Thample

Illustrated Herbiary, The (Wild Wisdom): Maia Toll

Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The complete guide to the use of aromatic oils in aromatherapy, herbalism, health and well-being: Julia Lawless

Herbal ABC’s The Foundation of Herbal Medicine: Dr Sharol Tilgner

The Herbal Remedy Handbook: Treat everyday ailments naturally, from coughs & colds to anxiety & eczema: Kim Walker, Vicky Chown

Green Heart: Alice Hoffman

The World That We Knew: Alice Hoffman

Love, light and blessings xxx

Wonderful February

So, February is one one my favourite months, for many reasons. Two of my favourite people in the whole wide world got married in Feb, my nephew was born in Feb and my late Mothers birthday was in Feb – and me and husband play the ‘who can buy the most offensive valentines card’ game, who said romance is dead!

It is also Imbolc, well last night was, and it signifies the start of Spring – so what is not to love, seeds start to grow, night start to get lighter, little plants pop their heads through the earth – it’s a month full of hope and promise.

So, Imbolc is a pagan festival full of traditions and a festival of light, what to do……………hmm, well I am not the overly dramatic type so I had a damn good clean of the house, burned special candles and sorted my ‘space’ out, did some reading on what my next project will be (more on that another time). And generally turned my thoughts to welcoming the Spring into my home, my heart and my life and being thankful that the wheel has turned again, with me still on-board!

So, my ‘space’ not big, not grand, just enough for me, MF Jones the cat and I love it.

Love , light and blessings xxx

Simple magic in everyday doings….

My Husband gives up the prime spot on the sofa, so I get the best of the log burner in our old drafty house – bless him indeed.  He does this to look after me and knows that due to having TMJ Disorder (my jaw is buggered) drafts can really ramp up the pain that I am already in daily

So, I made him a large crocheted blanket in super warm wool – with PomPoms, a necessity obviously!!  It’s taken me a month, and a lot of hand cramping hands and a very sore finger,

Where is the magic in that?  There is magic in every hook and stitch as each one was done with love and intent to bring him comfort.  So, no mad waving of arms – just simple everyday magic, we can do this each day – simply by turning our intent onto a kind thought, and gentle deed or word of encouragement.

Love, light and blessings xxx

Titting around with Tinctures….part #1

This weekend I got right down to it – I went into full herbalist mode and started the process of brewing up some Tinctures.

If you don’t know, Tincture are what Bach’s Rescue Remedy is – and dead easy to make – honestly.  You don’t need tonnes on ‘kit’, you just need:

  • Herbs relevant to what you want to achieve
  • Clean jars
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Some small bottles that are amber or blue glass with pipette stopper – Amazon is great for these; I like 30 or 40ml
  • 40% + Vodka – Morrisons do a good one, as do Lidl – don’t waste your best bottle of Stoli!
  • Funnel
  • Cheesecloth or Muslin

That’s it, really simple.  I decided to get these on the go after spending a few days with friends, they had some Tincture from H&B and offered me some to try that night to get me off to sleep  – it did nothing – nadda – zip – zilch, other than smell vile – that’s the valerian though…smells like arse water…So, I thought I can create something better than that – something kick-arse.

I plumped for two Tinctures – firstly will be the aptly named ‘Sleepy Time Arse Water’ and I thought of another – one to chill you the f*ck out after a hard day, that will be called ‘Comfortably Mumbly’.

So, select your herbs – aren’t they pretty 😊:

Half Fill your Jar – like this:

Fill to the very top with Vodka and place a disk of GP/Paper on top:

Use the rest of the vodka to make fruit pastille liqueur (waste not want not):

Then leave in a dark cupboard, for about 3 months (the fruit pastille vodka too), give them a little check and shake every day – if any of the vodka evaporates – top it up.  I will revisit this in months to show you next stage!  Now, all my herbs I cleanse with intent and smoke/incense and a lot of loving care – my choice, not a necessity really – but if your going to do a job….do it properly!

*** Here is a safety notice – Herbs are potent, they work – so please ALWAYS check that any herbs you are using do not interact with medications you are taking or medical conditions you may have***

So, who ya gonna call……??

The Universe will look after me, I am completely sure of this.  Just as I am sure ‘the three’ or karma will come along and sort shit out – good or bad.

These ‘three’, sit at the bottom of a tree/web/tapestry – in fact there are legends reaching back thousands of years  – so call them The Norns, The Fates, Moirai – they have many names, I like to think of them as Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Sitting, waiting for the tug of intentions to incite their notice, gauging the ripples in all that we do, and weaving the consequences, watching the universe as it plays out its game of life, love, death and re-birth. Should we fear them, absolutely not – should we accept that our actions have consequences, absolutely yes.

Does that mean you should live your life, turning the other cheek, always smiling through, accepting all the crap thrown as you, no, certainly not – hey ‘Do No Harm but Take No Shit’.  But always weigh up your actions, there are many ways of mitigating bad things in the world, surround yourself with light, strength and power.  But always remember, there is no shame in strength and nothing to be gained by fear.

Me too…

Follow your own path.

Ok, so I have noticed on several Facebook pages/forums etc people asking ‘how do I become a witch’ well, here’s the thing – you’ve asked, so you are interested that’s a great start and it is lovely to have specially younger people show an interest. But just using that word is a huge generalisation – like to be interested in tradition, nature the power of herbs, crystals, hedge-craft – you have to define yourself a certain way, you don’t – so please stop it!

There is lots of information out there, a lot from the USA which tends to be Wiccan based, which is fine if that is your path, so briefly – Wicca has formed in the 1930’s by Gerald Gardner, and is know thought of as the Gardnerian Tradition, it took off in the States and other ‘types have come about such as Feri1734 and Dianic Wicca in the ensuing decades, and where organisations such as the Covenant of the Goddess were formed.

This is not my path, I personally follow the traditional path, I feel no need to be ‘initiated’, have levels I need to progress through or have rules and regulations enforced upon me, I have much respect for those who follow this path, so don’t get me wrong – each to their own path.

It is important that the path you choose is right for you, it is my whole hearted belief that you do not HAVE to BE anything, the craft is the oldest of practices, follow your instincts and you won’t go far wrong. It drives be nuts when i read books that say “if you are a Kitchen Witch, you do this – unlike a Green Witch” – ermmmmm hold the F*ck on??? What is this shit tbh, be what the hell you want to be. You don’t HAVE to be anyway other than you, that is power, that is freedom, that is strength – fly free! This is about deep rooted traditional beliefs – driven by the wish to heal and enhance life, cherish it and tune into the wonder that is all around us. And in my humble opinion, we get far too caught up on giving ourselves a label, witch/wise-woman/weirdo/hippy etc….what ever floats your boat I say!

So, Green, Hedge, Kitchen, Woods, Nature Witch, Herbalist, Wise-woman (or man), hippy, Naturist, Traditional Healer – if you feel pulled towards a descriptive title – knock your socks off my lovelies. But, use all of what is available to you – don’t restrict yourself. Everything i do and practice pulls from numerous so called ‘types’ of witchcraft, craft nature herbalism, I wholeheartedly believe this makes me more rounded. I choose to believe in the power of the Goddess however.

So – still the question crops up ” how do i be witch” – you just be you with the power of the Goddess behind you, “do i need to get all the toys (chalice, wand, athame, robes)” – no, not really I have some, not all, and i rarely use them, I am a bit more ‘freestyle’ in my approach, but that is what is right for me. Book of Shadows (or just a book you note stuff in, don’t get caught up on words and titles) – yep, this you should have, to journal what works and is a good tool to write down and keep idea’s and dates (Wheel of the year etc…). Do I need to wear black and be ‘all spooky like‘ – please let’s not be foolish….your not Sabrina the teenage Witch, and no you can’t get a talking cat…this is about working with the universe, nature, and it is about taking time to do it, no quick fixes in the craft.

Coming Out – ok, so you have decided to follow this path – do you need to tell the world? Well, lets be real – the craft still has bad press, so choose who you tell with a big dollop of common sense. And in all honesty, why would it come up in conversation anyway ?? – I mean you meet someone and it’s not like ” Hi, i’m Burt i’m a Buddhist, how are you today?” It’s just not how we live or interact so don’t fret or panic. Do people I know “know” – well, some – yeah of course – all of them? No, as I said it does not come up in normal conversation – if it did what would I say? – yep this is what i believe, but i’m nearly 50 and a bit past being bothered by other peoples expectations.

So, that is today’s ramblings – love, light and blessings x

My First Blog Post


So, here we are – a blog – a few things to mention, I am not a Wiccan, I have no interest in Wicca, though fully support and embrace those that are. So, witchcraft eh? Or just ‘the craft’ – oldest of all beliefs, and wonderfully uncomplicated, non-judgmental, all inclusive and damn useful too! How long have I held these beliefs? Well, always it just took me some time to feel comfort enough to not give a flying one about what others may think. And here we are, me rambling about my journey, my experiences and thoughts. I love a question, so feel free.

But let’s start off on the right foot, I will not tolerate hate, bigotry, politics or just plan dumb-fuckery, so there you are. Be nice or move on.

Love, light and blessings

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.