Learning and Gin

So, it’s been ages and I am not totally sure anyone reads this, but most probably my fault as well……I haven’t bloody posted much have I? And perhaps what I have posted is utter pants, but i’ve enjoyed it so tuff tits.

Anyway, I have not been idle, I have completed writing up my notes on my two tarot decks, realising I connect much more with one rather than the other, but it’s all good – it’s how we learn, grow and hone our skills.

So, the herb garden is or rather was going all guns, all cut back and covered for winter now, which is sad but needed.

I have signed up for a Foundation Course in Herbal Medicine, with the aim to once I have completed that, go for getting the full qualification and getting registered, that’s right…..I may well be let loose on the general public (not for a few year’s, as LOTS of learning involved, so rest easy).

So the next few months for me will be my full time job, extra herbally learning and Gin, lots of Gin – maybe the odd Rum, as it is a bit nippy outside!

Actually, you need to chuck in a shed load of work on the allotment in the New Year, but I love doing it so can’t really count it as work! And it adds to and backs up my course, so hopefully I am growing the herbs they use on the course – save some pennies!

And Covid, cannot get away with not mentioning it, looks like the end is in sight, but really…what a year, it has been hard, knocked me for six in all honesty, physically, mentally and spiritually. I am sure it is the same for everyone, so it is most definitely time to take stock, sort out the size of my Covid arse, and get back to doing the witchy, hedgy, herbally stuff I love and that keeps me sane and grounded.

Bye from me, love & light xxxx

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