The new normal….

So, the new normal i working from home, sunny walks at lunchtime and Zoom meetings. Life has thrown us all a curve ball, and the negative energy that seems to have been really prevalent seems – ‘seems‘ to be on the way out. It has effected everyone – (in my opinion) – my lovely nephew has got himself in serous mischief – so i spent 9 days on the run up to the new moon chucking everything i could think of at a spell jar – fingers crossed, it seems to have helped.

So, it’s been a bit shit tbh….i am missing people far more than i expected, with is a small bonus i suppose – as it indicates i am not such a completely grumpy old crone as i thought…..but don’t test it.

I have managed to get in some good allotment time, and the herb beds are looking fabulous, i am particularly happy with my wild Angelica – it is am amazing plant, i will pop up some pictures. A small – 8ft by 25ft poly tunnel is in the process of being built, i have small usual stuff planned for that – salad leaves, toms, cucumbers but i will also try my hand at some more unusual stuff. I will also use it to dry my herbs – and i am hugely tempted to try my hand at distilling my own essential oils….more research needed there i think!

So, that is my very late belated, i will sign off…whilst watching some cockwomble on the TV mess with a Ouija board…it ain’t gonna end well

Love and light xxxx

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