Idle hands….

So, summoning up my motivation has been a struggle, still a struggle. but, over the last few weeks i have got going again and feel so much better for it.

Small back-yard herb garden is growing really well, I am very please – my wild Angelica is going mental and the feverfew is also growing really well. The comfrey is also going a bomb, but i expected it too as a very easy and prolific plant.

In this little space I have:

Comfrey, wild Angelica, mint, spearmint, thyme, sage variegated mint, feverfew, Bergamont, Valerian, Oregano, Agrimony, Sweet Cecily, White Betony, Rue and Yarrow.

Beech Leaf Noyou, doing it’s thing. I managed to get a beautiful pale green colour from the gin and leaf infusion, but upped the brandy when I added it (i like it that way) and i only use natural sugar, so no nasty bleached white stuff, which means sadly i lost the pretty colour. But, some of this in a hip-flask in the winter whilst on the allotment will be perfect!

Comfrey drying in the shed, i will be making infused comfrey and lavender oil and some comfrey hand lotion, and salve – will add some essentials oils and lavender – or it will smell ‘socky’.

Elderflower cordial made!

Brownies & Blondies made!

Random cat picture…..

New crochet project, just loving the colours in this one, my favourite so far.

Treated myself to new slippers….

So there is my last month! Onto other musings, i have seen a few posts on various FaceBook pages i follow so i am going to address some that have pricked my interest (and pissed me off in equal measure). Here goes…

Satanism…..really? I mean really? Let’s look at some basic and (IMO) irrefutably true facts – Satan is a Christian construct, so to believe in Satanism is to believe in God, one goes with the other. It is purely ( again IMO) putting a scary figure to darkness, badness, ‘evil’ if you will. There is a balance in all things light and dark, good and evil, night and day. Nothing in this world is purely ‘light’ and Satan helps Christianity put everything in a nice neat box and keeps the masses under control.

Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism – Wicca is a religion created the the early 1900’s by a chap called Gerald Gardner and have are too many Freemasonry connotations for my liking….so i don’t , but if you do and disagree then that is marvellous, as we all have our own path.

Paganism, is a relatively new (still bloody old) term, for those who follow nature based ideals and lifestyles, and i beautiful in it’s own right.

Witchcraft or The Craft or the way of the Wise Ones is the traditional path, the one i follow. But all these things are subjective, and i like to think that the whole community of Witches/Wicca’s/Pagan’s just let each do their own thing, embrace our differences and learn, that is key – we must always learn, and always help when asked.

Baby Witch – you are not a baby f*cking anything, you are a grown arse human…..ppffttttt really annoys me, why would you demean your beliefs this way. Please, just don’t – as there are no ‘Baby Christians, Baby Jews or Baby Muslims’ out there they just ‘are’ because they that their shit seriously, it just makes the belief system seem like a joke, like we all look like we have stepped out of Hocus Pocus….as much as i love that film and others.

It is lovely to see groups on FB support each other, on the whole the message is clear – we are a wonderful tolerant bunch – grumpy (me – yes). And one thing i was told by a very experience witch – always help when asked, and i always will.

I will be back with more ‘doings and stuff soon.

Anyway, much love and light xxxx

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