Nicked by MF Jones…

So, I bought myself a lovely meditation cushion, which was promptly nicked by the cat. I know, I should just hoist her off it, but this is MF Jones…..named after Jamie Foxx’s character in the film Horrible Bosses, she is a wild girl, and she will bite me if I try chuck her off, not that I am scared or anything…..pppffftttttt, that would be daft 😬

I do love my fur-babies, but Jones is a challenge! Cause I love my cats I try not to use chemicals where I don’t need to. So this week I made some natural Shake n’ Vac (I know, i am a child of the 70’s), so with some bicarbonate of soda, lavender and some essential oils – job done, left it to infuse all week, used it this morning – bloody lovely…..even if I do say so myself 🌿🌼🌻🍃

love, light and blessings xxx💕

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