What the Bibbity Bobbity Holy F*ckballs is this shit………….

So, as someone who is trying to embrace the old ways, a more natural approach to life and looking after myself and my loved ones, comes the questions “so do you do spells and stuff”, well lets me start off with what I am not :




Such a cool lady, but nope…..

Still no…though the nose is close….

One day….

Reality…i’m so ‘normal’ nowadays, after a wonderfully mis-spent youth it’s painful – sometimes i feel so un-rock n’roll I have to pinch myself and remember the hangovers, ‘refreshing’ my hair with Fabreeze, and falling asleep at work during the day with my head on the till…..and embrace being in bed by 9pm with a cat on my head.

So, no – not in the way people obviously think, just like I do not expect a Christian to walk on water or part the oceans, it’s all about intention and thought, harnessing natural remedies and rhythms of the Earth to bring to life/fruition/happening what I feels may need changing adjusting or balancing in my life (and my loved ones).  So no, I do not flail around naked under the moon – unpleasant for all concerned at my age….

I do follow certain rituals, yes – yes do – but more often it’s meditation, mindfulness, having my own space – even the tiny little nook I have created for myself is enough.  More over it makes me happy, I have not felt so grounded in years.

I had started to read up and start my Master Herbalist course, life as it does got a bit in the way, so I will be picking it back up again and sharing what I learn, sharing my creations as I am very keen to make some more tinctures, some natural soaps and other remedies.

So, on this damp, grey Tuesday I am feeling full of joy, that will be partly down to the passing of the retrograde and the full moon last night – feels like a shift, a lightening, new beginnings and maybe if we are lucky – the sun might peek out from behind a cloud some time soon 😉.

Love , light and blessings xxxx

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