Titting Around with Tinctures part #2 – the bottling….

So, life has been busy so bottling up my tinctures has taken a back step, but i was back on it this weekend. I hasten to add, the Fruit Pastille Vodka has been drunk – yep it has been that kinda few weeks…

Got all the kit out for straining, jug, sieve, muslin cloth. And here they all, all lovely and dark, steeped goodness!!!

Sterilise the bottles with boiling water & leave to dry.

Get to draining through the muslin, and don’t forget to give it a damn hefty squeeze – there is wonderful herby goodness in there!

Fill em’ up & Label


All done, and now all tested – didn’t die (bonus) did have two lovely nights sleep, so my work is done!

The house and my hands still smell a bit arse-watery however😉

So, i am happy with my results, enjoyed the process, LOVED the vodka. We all have this knowledge hidden within us, never be afraid to explore it, engage with it and embrace the ancient ways.

Love , light and blessings xxxx

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