A bit about me…

So, here we are – a witch, a wise woman, a herbalist, a hippy and free spirit choose your poison or plain and simply someone who feels the old ways and traditions should not be lost. What is the world coming to! OK, here it is – I felt that some of my experiences, my discoveries, triumphs, failures and continued journey, learning, growing should be written down and chucked out there for all to see.

So, to get started:

  • I am not a Wiccan, that is not my path
  • Am I a ‘good/white’ witch – don’t be ridiculous – who is perfect 24/7 and this is not Harry Potter?
  • Devil worship – AGAIN lets not be ridiculous, the devil is a christian construct and outside of TV/Film land nothing to do with witchcraft/herbal-ism, the natural path etc..
  • I am no time for ignorance, bullying, bigotry, politics – basically let’s keep the dumb-fuckery to a minimum
  • This blog is based on sharing, honesty, tolerance, learning, love life and all it’s tribulations – a no hate zone please, if you wish to spit your vitriol – please move along
  • Yes, I can be a tad grumpy

Another reason I have done this, on good old Facebook, I see a lot of confusion and people just wanting to know more without being judged. So, along the way I will address a few points and if I can I will answer some questions.

Love. light and blessings x

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